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Healthy Habits Challenge Group

A Free, Group Coaching environment where you can receive support and accountability as you build a new healthy habit in to your life every week!

We’ve all been there: trying a new program that requires us to revamp our whole lifestyle just to get healthy. We think this will actually get us there faster, that we are “all in” by attempting to correct all the weak spots at once, or aim at perfection. However, this tactic is actually the exact thing that sets us up for fatigue, discouragement and burnout.

If I were to come here and tell you that to be healthy, you have to:

- completely change your diet

- get at least 8 hours of sleep every night

- drink at least 8 cups of water daily


- move your body for 30 minutes at least 6 days a week

you would probably feel overwhelmed.

But these are the things we are being told all the time. On top of that, some people say we need to cut out entire food groups, or add in even more intense exercise, and that there are tons of “off-limits” things like sugar and alcohol.

The problem with this is that you are putting your energy into so many things at once, that:

#1-You are bound to fumble, get discouraged and give up

#2- You are trying to juggle so much, that no one single thing is getting your full attention.

The Healthy Habits Challenge Group exists to break us out of that all-or-nothing, perfectionistic mindset, and allow us to approach our health and wellness as humanly as possible.

Instead of spreading our energy and attention into 6+ different places, we are going to spend one week at a time honing 1 simple healthy habit.

Giving our complete focus on something that is slightly challenging, but still doable, we will begin to bu

ild this concept and routine into our daily lives, piggybacking on the habits we already do on a regular basis, until the new habit feels like second nature.

This is EXACTLY how I believe sustainable health is achieved: One habit at a time.

You may think this is too basic, or too slow for the rate you would like to see change. But just consider how many times you have tried a new thing, diet, program, etc. and ended up right back (or worse off) than where you started. This is your opportunity to finally gain traction and see real, sustainable change and growth not just in your physical health, but in your mental and emotional wellbeing, your resilience and your self-confidence.

So let’s dive in and give our full energy to just one healthy habit this week!

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