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Cover page of Discover Deep Health: How to Break Out of Ruts and Move Into Lasting Change

Discover Deep Health

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Our health is our #1 asset in life. Without it, everything suffers. Diets and fads fail us because they do not address our wellness at the habit level, nor take into account our individual body's needs. If you are exhausted from repeating the same cycles that keep you stuck in a rut with your health, struggling to gain traction and make long term progress, this book will guide to your goal.


Discover Deep Health leads you through a step-by-step process to build the foundation for a lifestyle of healthy habits. Written by certified nutrition coach, Kat Warner is a mom of 4 and has lived all over America and abroad, learning how to adapt to her situations and still achieve her goals.


Beginning with goal-setting, the author digs deep to help you get a clear mindset and establish the real reasons driving your desire for change.


Each chapter contains:

  • Content for building a personal plan

  • Try It Now portions for the reader to dive deeper in self-reflection with practical application activities

  • My Story segment with personal examples of how the author applies these concepts to her life

  • Motivational quotes to carry you through your unique journey


The book finishes with an 8-Day challenge and resources for further personal growth.

Wellness incorporates all areas of life. Everyone can experience deep health when given the right tools and support. Whether your desire is to increase your energy, lose weight, eat to nourish your body instead of coping with stress, live an active life, or just feel better in general, Discover Deep Health is a great starting point for your journey.

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