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Your Health Revolution Starts Here

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Your Guide to: 

  • Pinpoint exactly what is holding you back from making lasting change

  • Refining your mindset and habits to support your goals

  • Finally achieving AND sustaining the body you want

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Group Coaching 

Transform your relationship with food and your body
  • ​Learn to differentiate emotional and physical hunger

  • Make choices you feel proud of

  • Experience improvements to mood, digestion and more

  • Receive community support

  • Get full access to the 8 week course

  • Participate in weekly guided coaching calls 


Let's face it: life can be really hard. It's easy to let responsibilities and stress take over and lead us down a path of unhelpful habits that become detrimental to our health.
High stress, poor sleep, weight gain and emotional eating are just a few common symptoms that our health needs attention.
The good news is You CAN change how you are doing things and experience the life and body you want!
If you are  feeling exhausted and frustrated with your body and lifestyle and are ready to make a change that lasts, you're in the right place.
I understand the journey you're on because I've walked it myself.
Together, we can get you back in control of your body and your life. 



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“Kat is amazing! She has such a gift of listening to what you are saying, unwrapping the meaning, and is able to say it back to you better than you said it yourself! She brings such clarity to potential struggles and creates achievable action steps to accomplish your goals. She is the perfect coach to keep you accountable and encouraged. If you are feeling on the fence with signing up - JUST DO IT! I can’t recommend her enough!”

-Marta S.


"Kat has a unique understanding of the challenge I face as a working mom with four kids trying to find a health and fitness rhythm. She has shared many practical tools to help me in my journey. She has been just what I needed as I'm trying to find my way into a new season of health and wellness."  

-Sher A.

Kat has helped me so much! Kat’s unique way of personalizing a program for me with weekly check ins, and creating new habits have helped me to get healthy…….

Mentally, spiritually and physically!

With Kat’s help, I am gaining a better understanding of my own relationship with food, and also building my body back to a very healthy state! I have also dropped nearly 20 pounds in a healthy way. I can’t say enough great things about my experience with Kat, she is an added bonus to have on this journey! I am so grateful to have Kat in my life! .

-Wendi R.

"Kat has coached me with an eating and exercise plan that is realistic, sustainable, and for the first time ever I've lost weight and maintained my goals without crazy restrictive diets, fat burners, cleanse days, or avoiding everything I enjoy eating. She even helped me get through some injuries that I was struggling with that I couldn't work past. If you're looking for support and long term results, I highly recommend Kat and the Route Wellness! Your body and health will thank you for it!"

-Laura W.

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The Coaching Process

Ready to Experience REAL CHANGE?

Gain control of your choices and your body, and collaborate with the coach one-on-one. Each plan is custom designed to fit the client's goals, abilities and lifestyle. 

Initial Assessment:  

Together, we look at your starting point, creating a baseline for moving forward. Current habits, concerns and goals are all highlighted. 

Monthly Membership: 

Choose the package that is right for you. Weekly coaching calls are held virtually. Using scientifically proven methods, we collaborate to make action steps each week to get you to your goals. Resources, tools and accountability are all provided along the way to make sure you have everything you need to succeed. 

The Benefits:
  • Get specific in your goals and deepen your motivating factors for change

  • (Re)Learn how to listen to and interpret your body's signals and needs

  • Make trackable progress with  realistic action steps

  • Receive support through accountability

  • Improve sleep 

  • Access helpful tools and resources 

  • Receive a meal plan and exercise guidance as needed

  • Release unwanted weight and unhelpful habits

  • Balance blood sugar levels

  • Improve cholesterol

  • Learn tools to handle stress like a boss

  • Get deeper, more restorative sleep


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